Sunday, August 31, 2008

Interior Of Recreational Vehicles

interior of camping car
The recreational vehicles and camping cars are getting popular amongst the adventure freaks. With these vehicles, one can experience the comfort and luxury, despite of the camping site's rough environment.

The interior of the recreational vehicles plays a major part in a comfortable stay.

A recreational vehicle normally comprises of a bed, bathroom, small kitchen area, and some storage space.

A luxurious recreational vehicle may comprise of a living room with table, TV, kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and a master bedroom with a large and cozy bed.

The bathrooms are spacious and are fitted with a shower. The toilets are generally the portable ones, which can be detached and cleaned at a sanitary station.

There are several terms involved in the interior of the recreational vehicles. The toilets generally have a Black water tank in which the waste water from the toilet is stored.

The kitchens of recreational vehicles have the Grey Water tanks. These are used to store the waste water from the shower and kitchen sinks.

The most important equipments in the interior of the recreational vehicle are the generators and the converters. The generator can be petrol, propane or diesel operated.

It generates AC voltage, which is very useful in dry camping and in the middle of the travel. The converter takes the AC voltage from the generator or the campsite hookups and converts it into DC voltage. This voltage is used by the electrical equipments in RV.

House batteries turn out as one more source of DC voltage source. The batteries have a smaller capacity of 12 volts DC. The batteries are charged by the vehicle batteries.

The inverters take the DC voltage from house batteries and convert into AC. This voltage is used by the electronic equipments which need an AC voltage.

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